Compare the Boss’s Cell Phone

The boss has a BlackBerry Pearl 8120. Comparing cell phones can sometimes be unfair. Comparing smartphones with ordinary cell phones can be like comparing tuna fish with spaghetti, not real fair. Most of us have THE BOSS who we can compare our phone to theirs.

There have been several times that I have seen a phone and wondered, what it is, where he/she got it, and how does it work. Hopefully comparing cell phones will allow all of us to get to better know what is out there and what we really want. Think about what you do when you get a new cell phone. Most of us do not have the time to do the necessary research before purchasing a phone. The majority of the time our phone gives out on us and we rush to the local provider store and buy the first thing on the shelf.

BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is one of the smaller versions of the BlackBerry line. It packs quite the punch for being so small in stature. Once you compare a BlackBerry cell phone you will have a hard time not adding one to at least your wish list.

Key Features

2.0 Megapixel Camera
Broadband Access
Music Player

Key Drawbacks

Background Hiss During Calls
Poor Support
4 Hours of Talktime
Grainy Video

Overall Grade



My Current Cell Phone Compare

You can not accurately compare cell phones unless you first take a look at the phone you are currently using. I currently use the Motorola RAZR V3. There are many mixed reviews about this phone. Many of the concerns come from reliability and durability. Let me give you an example of how durable this phone has been for me. It has been dropped many of times, which I know is not that unusual. Here is the unusual part, I was taking a nap in my lazy boy one afternoon when I was awoke to the sound of my ring tone. I quickly jumped up to see who was bothering me. In the meantime, my phone which was quietly resting on my lap jumped off and landed right in the middle of a 20 ounce glass of water. What are the odds? I quickly took the phone apart and dried it off. The next morning, put it back together and poof, worked like a champ.

Key Features

Nearly 7 Hours of Talktime, 250 Hours of Standby Time
Camera and Video Player
Sophisticated Design
Very Thin

Key Drawbacks

Low Memory
Restarts for No Reason
Bad Camera and Screen
Speaker Quality

Overall Grade


Overall this phone is a little above average. Compare cell phones will continue to use this Motorola RAZR until it quits, or until we find a device we can’t live without. Look for future posts concerning other phones as well as accessories and service providers.


WELCOME to Compare Cell Phones!!!

Thank you very much for looking at our blog, what a great opportunity to compare cell phones now. Cell phones are everywhere. Our society cannot live with out cell phones. I know I can’t. But, finding the right cell phone can be a major problem. Another problem that can be tough to deal with is finding the right cell phone service provider. There are so many choices out there, but which one is right.

We hope to be your one stop site for comparing cell phones now. We want to look at many different phones and plans, as well as many different service providers.