Compare Cell Phone Bling

What in the world do some people think about when accessorizing their phones? To be honest, I have no idea. Some of the most recent add-ons that I have seen being put on cell phones are little rhinestones or more commonly known as “Bling.” There is no end to the number of customizable kits you can get for nearly every cell phone.

As many web sites put it, “they are designed to accentuate your phone, and are the perfect gift for that fashion-conscious friend.” ( I don’t mean to sound biased against this new craze, maybe I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to things as flashy as this. Nonetheless there are a growing number of youngsters out there who cannot resist icing out there phones.

On the other hand it is pretty incredible the number of different ways you can bling out your phone. Your cell phone will not be compared to. There are colors of every kind that you can use to liven up your cell phone life. You can even get different sports teams and colors.

It is really quite simple to install the bling to your phone. Much of the bling is tiny glue on crystal like material. So all you have to do is peel the stones off and paste them all over your phone or wherever you want them. Some users are spelling things out of the bling, writing their initials or nicknames. Compare your cell phone with or without bling and see what you like best.

Key Features

Easy to Use
No Messy Glue

Key Drawbacks

Looks Immature
Ruins Phone
Low Resale Value
Bling Doesn’t Stay on Phone

Overall Grade


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