Compare Cell Phone Service “Verizon Wireless”

To some people choosing a cell phone service provider can be a no brainer, to others it’s like looking down the buffet line. For me it was the no brainer. Where I am from there was only one cell phone provider, so the choice was pretty simple. So, I started out with Verizon Wireless from my earliest days as a cell phone user.

Until I moved from the rural community I was really unaware of what other service providers offered. Verizon has been real good to me. There plans are reasonably priced, there features are up to par, and their customer service is above average. Speaking of customer service, my birthday is coming up real soon and my wife was trying to be real sneaky and get me a present that would knock my socks off. There is a certain BlackBerry Curve that I have had my eye on. (I have mentioned BlackBerry twice in a row in my posts; sorry it just worked out this way.) She was in the process of purchasing the phone from a Verizon store when I suddenly get a text message from Verizon. The message said, “--- --- ---- (wives phone number) has registered for limited My Account access. If you feel that this is an error please call” then it gave the number to call. My sweet little wife trying to make me happy was busted by extraordinary customer service and security. Needless to say, I was very impressed.

Verizon cell phones compare well against other service providers. They seem to offer the latest technology and newest phones. They have also done a good job offering cell phones that are specific to there service. Verizon’s network is one of the best in the United States. They do a great job of marketing their services and products.

Key Features

Strong Customer Service
Accurate Billing
15 Day Trial Period
One of Oldest Providers

Key Drawbacks

Cripples Files and Media Transfers
Dropped Calls
Limited Phone Choice
Can You Hear Me Now Guy Lies

Overall Grade


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