Compare Cell Phones: Sony Ericsson K850i

There may not be a brand out there that is more trusted overall in the electronics industry than Sony. Since World War II they have been producing products that the world over has craved for. I can still remember the first Sony Walkman that I ever received. It was 1993 and I was in the fourth grade, it was the greatest piece of technology I had received to that point. Sony is known for TV’s and walkmans probably more than anything, but they are holding their own in the cell phone industry.

When comparing cell phones sound quality should be a key factor in choosing your phone. As mentioned before Sony has made a great part of their mark on the industry in music. Sound is very important in the music business as well as the cell phone sector. Because of the expertise that Sony brings to the table they are able to offer a pristine sounding cell phone.

Can you compare another cell phone maker that offers an FM transmitter in their cell phones? I can’t. Sony Ericson has gone with what works and added the same technology that my very first walkman had in 1993 to their very high tech up-to-date cell phones. The FM transmitter capabilities may seem old fashioned and old school in the Ipod world we live in, but they are added bonuses.

The K850i offers amazing picture quality and capabilities. It also offers great sound and music capabilities. To some the controls and keypad buttons are hard to use and navigate with. When you compare this cell phone with others the music and picture quality are above average.

Key Features

540 Minutes of Talktime
2 Digital Cameras
FM Radio
Sound Quality

Key Drawbacks

Small Keypad Buttons
Video Lags at Times
Slow Interface

Overall Grade


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