Compare the Samsung Glyde Cell Phone Now

A technology that I believe will continue to grown in popularity is touch screens. There is nothing more convenient than being able to touch your screen and get to where you need to go. Cameras and GPS units have adopted the touch screen technologies already. Touch screens may be the new way cell phones are compared. If your phone doesn’t offer it, you may be out of the loop.

Samsung is the maker of the new Glyde. Samsung brings reliability and trust to this new phone model. Samsung offers cell phones for many different service providers; they also produce many accessories for their phones. At the moment the new cell phone is only being offered by Verizon Wireless.

Along with the extra large touch screen the Glyde offers a built in QWERTY keyboard to make life even easier. For anyone who may not be aware the QERTY keyboard is the standard U.S. keyboard that makes messaging and composing much easier and natural. According to Wikipedia the name comes simply from the first six letters of the top row on the standard keyboard.

Many who compare cell phones worry about new technologies and so many moving parts that accompany cell phones today. Some worry about touch screens and there durability. The technologies have gotten better and better every year. Just remember to do your research and find what fits you and meets your needs. Many out there are innovators and must have the latest and greatest and that is great. Here is another innovative phone that will surely get lots of attention.

Key Features

Touch Screen
Full QWERTY Keyboard
150 MB Internal Memory
Internet Browsing

Key Drawbacks

Verizon Only
Many Moving Parts
Under 3 Hours of Talktime

Overall Grade


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